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The Panda’s Tale

Journeys in search of the wild heart of China

An ebook by Nigel Hicks about his photographic travels in China

Two years spent photographing in some of the remotest and wildest corners of this vast country. The Panda’s Tale is a travelogue about those journeys.

The Panda's Tale is the story of Nigel Hicks's experiences while undertaking a series of photo shoots in China during the 1990s, gathering images for a new book about the wildlife and wild landscapes of China, to be entitled Wild China, at that time the first book in nearly a century to tackle the subject of China's natural environment.

The huge amount of travelling entailed across the length and breadth of China was undertaken against a backdrop of an era when China was starting to open its doors wide, and was just beginning its meteoric economic development that has so transformed the country. As The Panda's Tale reveals, it was not always plain sailing, every trip Nigel undertook entailing exhausting and sometimes dangerous journeys, difficult and complex planning, time-consuming negotiations, and on a couple of occasions facing arrest as a foreigner in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Panda's Tale is not - it should be pointed out - a book about China's natural environment and wildlife, but a travelogue about Nigel Hicks's experiences in this vast country during a crucial period in China's modern history and redevelopment.

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