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Wild Philippines

Showcasing the stunning and unique wildlife and protected areas of this Southeast Asian archipelago

About Wild Philippines

Wild Philippines is a hugely important book, its 300-plus photos and approx 50,000 words providing a timely update and summary of science’s current knowledge about the wildlife and natural habitats of the Philippines.

Although the country has been recognised as one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, containing a huge array of plant and animal species found only in these islands, until recently it was massively under-studied and as a result little understood.

With knowledge about the Philippines’ natural environment finally moving forward, Wild Philippines aims to encapsulate much of that new knowledge, showcasing some of the country’s most important wildlife species and habitats, both on land and below the sea.

We sincerely hope that you will find the book beautiful, useful and entertaining.

Wild Philippines’ content

Wild Philippines presents a series of overviews, divided into five chapters.

Chapter 1: An overall introduction to the Philippines’ natural environment and its wildlife;

Chapter 2: A summary of the situation regarding Philippine conservation, looking at the challenges and threats, along with some examples of programmes aimed at protecting species and habitats.

Chapter 3: An introduction to the Philippines’ principal habitats, ranging from the deep seas and coral reefs, to its mangroves and seagrass beds, followed by its various forest types, including beach, lowland, limestone, swamp, montane and pine forests.

Chapter 4: A look at some of the Philippines’ most important and iconic animals and plants, in particular its many unique species, including numerous hornbills, the Philippine Eagle, the Philippine Crocodile, a host of remarkable forest and mountain rodents, a range of Medinilla flowers, orchids, and the remarkable Rafflesias.

Chapter 5: An overview to some of the country’s main protected areas, both on land and around its coral reefs.

Wild Philippines is available through all book shops, online and high street.

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